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When you are on an itinerary in and around Lake Ontario, Vaughan is perhaps one of the regions that needs to be mentioned without any failure. But, have you ever given a thought to find the best historic attractions in and around Vaughan? Let us explore a few options that are worthy of attention.

Italian Workers Memorial

The Memorial is located in front of the Woodbridge Pool and Memorial Arena in Vaughan. It has been created to pay tribute to all the Canadian workers who are of Italian descent. The monument pays tributes to the workers who were injured or killed due to the work elated incidents and accidents. You would find a small pizza like structure that focusses on providing you with one of the outstanding experiences with respect to the culture of Italy.

 Unionville Planing Mill

The city had the popular Planing Mill. It was burnt down in 1983. The planning mill had been functioning since 1840. After being in existence for more than 140 long years, it finally breathed its last in 1983. The mill that currently stands at the location is not the original one, but does impress a lot after reconstruction. The site has been redeveloped by the town and historical society. It now hosts salons, boutique and a restaurant.

Richmond Hill 140th Anniversary Statue

That should be a unique historical place in Vaughan that should provide you access to one of the most rewarding experience ever as a tourist. The statue stands at 14 feet and is made completely of granite and bronze. It does figure as one of the excellent options in the Richmond Hill’s culture. The statue is designed and developed by artist and designer William Ho and sculptor John Porretta. If you have been following the rich culture of the region, you would definitely want to fall in love with this location.

The Old Shoe Factory Business Centre

Before the turn of the current century, it was actually the real functioning shoe factory. Named Hewetson Shoe Company, it has now been declared to be a heritage property. The architectural details inside the building are much impressive. The high ceilings, the walls and practically everything is just amazing. It is now converted into studio style units which are rented out for yoga, concerts and art studios.

Vaughan limousinesGooderham Building

The building boasts of the very interesting triangular architecture in 1892. The building is also affectionately called the Flatiron. When you hear that it was built in the 180s, you would find the architecture really amazing to the core. It should definitely be one of the favourite buildings for any of the regular Vaughan visitors.

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