Vaughan Wedding Limo

Wedding limo service is one of the most important parts of your wedding day, and it’s also one of the most expensive. Plan ahead and make sure you know what to expect, and you can avoid surprises and save money by keeping track of these details as you go through the planning process. Here’s an ultimate wedding checklist of everything you need to know about Vaughan Wedding Limo service before it’s time to hit the road with your Just Married sign on your way to your honeymoon!

Don’t Forget About Airport Arrivals

You can’t get married without your guests, but what happens if they can’t make it to your wedding? Your guest list is essential to any wedding. However, many weddings don’t take airport arrivals into account. Now, you may be asking yourself what is airport arrivals? Airport arrivals refers to all of your guests who will arrive by plane; for example, friends and family who are coming from out of town or even other countries! Airport pickups are very common among weddings in Vaughan. Guests can check their flight schedules with airlines or travel agencies at least one week before arriving to confirm that their flights have been changed or cancelled. Make sure you have arranged airport parking, rentals cars and other transportation for guests who need it upon arrival.

Bride and Groom Transportation

You’ve made it to I do, and you and your significant other are ready to take on a new adventure. Your journey will begin with an exciting ride in our gorgeous wedding limousines, but don’t stop there—you can also request SUV Stretch Hummer transportation or whatever fits your special day. Vaughan Wedding Limo offers a variety of options for couples planning their dream wedding, so let us know what we can do to make sure you get where you need to go when you need to be there! Contact us today and we’ll start planning your perfect day.

Ask About Package Deals

If you plan to hire a wedding limousine, make sure to ask about package deals and see if there’s any way to combine services and save money. For example, if your friend is getting married soon, you might be able to ride with them and save money on gas. Or, if you’re paying for hair and makeup before the ceremony, make sure to use a vendor that includes those services as part of their overall deal. You might also want to consider hiring a limousine company that offers an hourly rate rather than a flat fee. If you use your car for other travel during your wedding weekend, it may actually cost less in total.

Rehearsal Dinner

Let’s get technical for a moment here. The rehearsal dinner is also called a rehearsal supper, and with good reason. Often scheduled on one of the evenings before your wedding (Thursday night is popular), it gives your wedding party time to rehearse their roles and give you and your new spouse one last night of relaxation before heading into planning overdrive. It also affords all your out-of-town guests (if any) an opportunity to come in and make final travel arrangements. If you’re having a dinner, there are some basics that apply to every rehearsal dinner—here are four of them: Invite family members from both sides, along with friends who have been close to either of you for a long time.


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