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A low-cost party sounds impossible, right? However, the truth is that it’s not at all impossible if you use some creativity and plan your event well in advance of the date on which you want to host it. Follow these tips for throwing a low-cost party on a Vaughan Party Bus and you’ll be able to do just that!

Choose Your Venue Wisely

In order to keep costs low, you need to consider your venue—particularly if you’re planning a full party. Make sure it’s accessible and fun; otherwise, things might get boring quickly. In general, look for cheap but comfortable spaces that have several rooms (ideally not just one or two) and are in close proximity to public transportation options. If possible, choose venues with food or drink minimums or opt for an establishment that serves simple snacks like popcorn instead of charging for each item individually. Also make sure you can get your Vaughan Party Bus back where it came from at a reasonable hour so your passengers can safely disembark!

Don’t Go Overboard With Decoration

You want to make your party look nice, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. A good way to achieve both is with decorations that are affordable and reusable. Think about using items from around your house like colorful fabrics or old furniture (if it’s in good condition). Remember that items you can use again will save you money in the long run over one-time buys. If you need more decoration ideas, check out Pinterest; people often post pictures of simple but pretty decorating ideas there.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

It’s a lot of work to throw a party, especially if you’re doing it for others. You may be tempted to take on all of these responsibilities yourself to save money or because you think it’s your job, but at some point you have to ask for help. When planning an event for someone else, find out what they expect from you and then be upfront about your own needs; everyone will appreciate your transparency. Be honest with those who can make things easier for you.

Vaughan Party Bus

Hire Extra Staff If You Can Afford It

The cheapest party planners are your friends and neighbors. If you can afford it, hire extra staff if you can afford it, like bartenders or security guards to save yourself time. You could also save money by throwing a party on an off night of your venue’s normal schedule. Make sure they won’t be in competition with other events happening at that time so you have enough people there! Or if you have already taken some of these steps, put together a detailed timeline for each task to make sure everything gets done before your party starts.

Cater From Home Rather Than Rely On Outside Services

Have a taco bar on an outside deck, offering a variety of meats and toppings. If your party is in warmer weather, consider packing up a cooler with ice, drinks and snacks to have on hand while you cook. Stock up on paper goods such as cups, plates and napkins rather than renting them from a venue or caterer. You can get them inexpensively from retailers recycle what you don’t use when you’re done. Just make sure you double check what’s available where; for example, some venues won’t allow outside alcohol—check with your host ahead of time to avoid any surprises!


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