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Incorporated in 1991, the city of Vaughan has been proved to be quite effective in enjoying a great location in Canada. The city is known for a wonderful set of communities that include Kleinburg, Concord, Maple, Thorn hill, and Woodbridge. We will check out the best Vaughan neighbourhoods that you would find much impressive.

East Woodbridge

The East Woodbridge should be a great destination for those of you looking for settling down in a great neighbourhood. If you are someone who loves the best outdoor experience ever, Vaughan neighbourhood would definitely prove to be quite impressive in every sense of the word. The hikes here can definitely prove to be much unique in its own right.

Sonoma Heights

The Sonoma Heights are located on the western side of the Vaughan city. The greater sense of community and a neighbourhood comprises of young families. The recreation options available at the neighbourhood of Sonoma Heights should definitely make it a great choice in every way possible. A few of the interesting options that you would find quite unique here can include both indoor and outdoor activities you can do at the Al Palladini Community Centre, Boyd Conservation Park, and Sonoma Heights Community Park.


Kleinburg is located at the northern side of the city of Vaughan. This has been considered to be one of the excellent neighbourhoods in Vaughan. What would attract you to this wonderful neighbourhood would be an exotic, calm, and safe setting away from the busy city streets. You would find the mix of heritage homes that were built in the 19th century and even modern times. The vibrant sense of community here should definitely make it a truly exciting option in more ways than one.

Weston Downs

The Weston Downs are the best location known for the professionals. Detached homes and well maintained community are a few of the options that you would find all the more exciting here. The environs here provide a great option for a safer environment for the kids. Rated to be one of the best neighbourhoods in Vaughan, it can be a great option that you would find quite unique. You would find a wide range of options such as many restaurants and shopping malls for the best recreation purposes.

Columbus trail

If you are checking out a Vaughan neighbourhood with a wide range of cultures and a different family type, the Columbus Trail should prove to be quite interesting and unique in its own right. You would find both detached and semi detached homes here. The family friendly community here can prove to be an excellent option to go with. The Canada’s Wonderland here should prove to be quite impressive.

Downtown Woodbridge

The Downtown Woodbridge neighbourhood should be one of the unique venues in Vaughan. You would find options for ethnicities, backgrounds and families at different stages. The historical background here can prove to be one of the excellent options in a host of ways. The condos and townhouses here can prove to be quite effective.

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